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(702) 325-1516

P.O. Box 271606

Las Vegas, NV 89127


Director of Programs              

Curtis Coleman                      


SAVE OUR SONS  and Serenity Funeral Home seeks to educate youth ages 10 years and older, about the finality  of life in which some decisions can lead to. An up close look at process and procedures that occur once the final call of death is made, No Coming Back is a deterrence program that assists with modifying the behaviors of youth in an effort to help recidivism and lower the amount of delinquent behaviors throughout the community. It is the hopes of SAVE OUR SONS and Serenity Funeral Home, that the "No Coming Back Mortuary Program" will be the reality check necessary to deter youth from future delinquet behaviors.  The program is held every last Sunday of the month.