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CCDC -Youth Impact


"Today one of the boys broke my heart, he asked me 'why do I come down there to them because it's too late for them they are already gone' ... this is what they tell our babies... I told him that's exactly why I come and I will continue to come because it's NEVER too late and I care and love them if nobody else does!" - Curtis Coleman 11/19/17

CCDC Youth Impact is a program in which (after diligent background checks and special clearance) Save Our Sons has been permitted to go into the Youth Ward of the Clark County Detention Center, and mentor the youth that have been certified as adults and are being held in the adult jail facility. Youth ranging from 12 years of age to 17 years of age are housed in the Youth Ward of the Clark County Detention Center, on a variety of different charges that yield Adult penalties.

Save Our Sons knows it is NEVER too late to save our youth!

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